Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 6: Without Rules, (K)not!, or Is Free Writing Free?

Okay, so this was kind of bland.

§ Autopilot: Trying as hard as you can not to think or consider what you are writing, write as much as you can as fast you can without any editing or concern for syntax, grammar, narrative, or logic. Try to keep this going for as long as possible: one hour, two hours, three hours: don't look back don't look up.
There were many other exercises to try for this week, but it was a really busy week and I couldn't get to all of them. My autopilot was very bland. It was interesting to see how everyone else's was different in class. Some people's autopilots were more fragmented than mine, and most were longer than mine. Hmm. Well, there's no secret here. I take medicine which has side effects like making me sleepy or drowsy to calm down over-excitement. I wonder what this would have looked like had I not taken my medicine on time. I hope I'll never know.

The circumstances that I wrote this were: I was working solo at the cafe on Oscar night. Most people were at the Oscar viewing party in the other building of the dorm, so I was following it on blogs. I had seen the first hour or two, so I had a general idea of who was wearing what and what happened. We had a Oscars competition where you put your picks on the ballot. I won first prize! It was very exciting as I got to order three DVDs of my choosing (I chose Out of Africa, The Dark Knight, and The Fighter).

And the autopilot:

Are the Oscars as much a waste of time as I complain they are? I don’t know. I guess I was thinking earlier when I was coming back from the grocery store about Helen Mirren and how much the Oscars at the very least highlight some of the leaders of the acting field/Hollywood. I liked her dress. Someone commented on my facebook status where I said that my favorite gowns so far were ScarJo, Hailee Steinfeld, and Helen Mirren (I forgot Mila Kunis) that she hoped that she would age just as well as Helen Mirren and I guess I do too. Having white hair like that must be really awesome, silver. I don’t know what color mine will turn when I’m older because I started out platinum blonde but I’ve dyed it since then and now it’s some ugly color, so when your hair turnds grey or white does it do that from its original color or from the color it is right now? My german teacher has grey hair but hers is brown also and maybe she had some highlights. I don’t know how old she is. She seems quite young.

I’m following the results the winners on a New York Times live blog since I’m at work now and don’t have time to don’t have the energy to or really the desire to work on my German composition right now, but that sucks because sooner or later I’m going to have to do it when I get back to my room and that won’t be till midnight and even though its 11:33 now midnight seems a little late to be working on things but I guess I don’t have a choice because I have to get up early to morrow 6L30 and get to the café to take care of the pastries and usually all I want to do after that is go back to bed when I get back to my room at 7:30 ish so if I don’t do the essay now then I’ll have to not sleep tomorrow but I really need to because I have class from 1-5 and 6:00-7:30 and the esasy is due at one. Hm. I think it’s interesting whether or not we write out numbers “one” vs 1. I guess when I think about the number one/1 I think about it in the spelled out sense. It would be weird of me to just use the number key though I know some people do it that way but I don’t know why, shorthand or something? Who knows.

By the way I couldn’t get the link to work for the poet wie were supposed to read  the link that Preofeser Bernstein sent out, I couldn’t find the poems on her website but I did well I did but

My dad just texted me apparently King’s Speech won for Best Picture. I figured it would it was a good movie not my favorite out of the 10 I liked The Fighter best but there was no way it was going to win still I’m happy that Christian Bale and Melissa Leo won though I would have been happy if Hailee Steinfeld won for True Grit. But it wasn’t going to happen. Oh well, maybe she’ll be nominated again some day. I can certainly see someone with her talent making it with other good movies I just hope she doesn’t turn out to be like Lindsay Lohan but I don’t think she will. Her film showed maturity and she held her own against the other actors and I even think was better then them then Jeff Bridges who I couldn’t even understand at all with his accent so she did a good job in that I can’t imagine her turning into a ho after getting a start with a Coen Brothers movie like True Grit.

I have nothing more to say.

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