Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 7: Twitter Poem, "You"


So I guess I never did any of the actual exercises for this week other than the spring break assignment:

in process: collaborative "Twitter" poemSpecial assignment over this break. Each seminar member will open a Twitter account using their first name or first and last name followed by "111". This will be a closed Twitter group just for class. All the messages will be part of a collaborative poem. Each participant will produce and post a version of this poem before March 13.

Twitter Poem: “You”

I am listening to the night.
I am still trying to find you.
I hear the music.
I hear you.
I am listening to you.
You always sound the same.
You always smell the same.
You lick the back of my neck.
You can have me.
I can’t control how much I want you.
Your limbs drape over mine at night.
And I don’t even need a blanket to stay warm.
When looking at you from below, it’s hard to believe you are real.
You can have me.
Inefficiency of language…
Too much…
You hit me with…bricks…with…anger…with…wild, play.

Extinguished light.

What’s the price of a good night?
Virgin devastation?
I have a theory:
Scattered snow on the side of the road.
I thought that I had done some of the exercises, but I suppose not. Huh. Well here's the Twitter poem I did. For this I resumed with taking the raw feed material and cherry picking what I wanted to use. I'm going to hunt around and find the feed if I can. This is something I see as along the same lines as the DP as trying to find what was going on between the lines.

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